We are a multi-disciplinary design studio. Our main objective is to give a clear, arresting, distinctive voice to your
brand, your identity, your event, the whole public face of your enterprise. As creative as we are – and frankly,
as creative as many worthy design studios are – that creativity, in our opinion, must be skillfully and strategically
directed. It must be focussed. Imagine for a second, that creativity is sunlight. We are like a big magnifying glass.
And your project is the ant. Maybe that's not a great example.

Suffice to say that each project contains within it – before we're even involved – a distinct personality, a character
integral to it right from the start. We find the little fella. We massage it and we draw it out. We elevate that
personality to the level of raging James Bond-style charisma. Then we straighten its little bowtie and send it out
into the world. Sounds simpler than it is, but that's the idea.


Acura, Corus Television, Edge Creative, FCB Advertising (New York), Honda, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Mattel Toys,
Merck Frosst, Pfizer, Revlon, Shiloh Mediagroup, Toronto Dominion Bank, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Wyeth,
Xerox, YTV, and many more.