WEB DESIGN is currently the most encompassing of the disciplines we engage in. As all media inevitably
converges –as the telephone becomes the television, as the computer becomes the newspaper, the music
collection, the games room – your presence on the internet becomes your presence in the world. Your site,
to many people, is your company, your brand, your storefront. You might want help with that.

Rocket Science VFX
This visual effects and
animation studio site presents
their high profile work as the
hero. It's a mobile-friendly html5
site with a retro space age feel.

Stop Now and Plan
SNAP is a cognitive-
behavioural strategy that
helps children regulate anger
and subsequently stay out of
trouble. Bright and positive,
yet serious and real.

The 40 Year Secret
In the '60s, free love led to
liberation from social mores. It
also led to teenage pregnancy.
The 40 Year Secret is a
revealing and overdue
documentary film that exlores
this topic.

You Made a Difference
This site speaks to those who
gave to Haiti relief in the
aftermath of the earthquake of
2010. It offers an opportunity to create lasting change in the
lives of children, their families
and their communities.

Mining Dynamics
Mining Dynamics is an software
solution, integrating and
managing large volumes of
critical business information
through all levels of a mining
enterprise .