VIDEO is a multi-faceted medium involving several players, each with his or her unique specialization.
From initial conceptual developement, visual design, and storyboarding through to writing, we do it.
From directing, shooting and audio recording through the post production stages of animation, sound
and editing, we work hand in hand with people who do it. Then we package it up nice.

Fujisawa US
A 45 second animation loop of
pure branded eye-candy designed
for trade show projection.
Fujisawa US
A one minute animation loop that tells
the story of scaling mountains and
plumbing the depths of the ocean in
search of rare and efficacious biological
Wyeth Canada
Internal high definition CP24-style
information network delivered throughout
the head office complex using client-
updatable Infocaster software.
NovoNordisk Denmark
Inspirational video used to open
corporate and educational events
around the world.