PRINT DESIGN still remains the standard by which other media are measured. And rightly so. Our approach has
always been to create a sense of slight surprise in combination with elegance in order to maintain interest as
the viewer moves through a print piece. Sometimes hit 'em hard right from the get go. Sometimes make them
wait for it, but always consider the appropriate flow and pace through which the piece reveals itself.

Phase Four Health
Following a full
corporate rebranding we
rolled out an intricately
produced piece which
helped to re-establish
this company's place at
the forefront of its field.

McCleery McCann
This capabilites/portfolio
book makes a convincing
argument for the breadth
of experience and talent
at this MacLaren McCann

Corus Entertainment
When Corus launched
their digital TV networks
they needed a book that
would represent the
impact of that offering.
They came to us.

Closson Chase Vineyards
A print ad expressing
mock surprise at the
likelihood that a wine
of such refinement
could come from Prince
Edward County.

Mattel Toys Canada
A promotional piece for
a board game. Each ink
blot on the cover opens to
reveal the object it
represents beneath it.