INTERACTIVE DESIGN, as we see it, encompasses more that simply web design, as burgeoning and exciting
as that area is. We get involved in everything from DVD menus, kiosks and CD-ROMs to the charmingly
lo-tech Viewmaster. If it's visual and you interact with it, we design it.

Pfizer Canada
Educational CD-ROM for
General Practitioners
addressing current issues
in the area of community
acquired infections.

Mattel Toys Canada
By the Power of Grayskull,
it's a 3D Viewmaster disk
supporting the relaunch of
He-Man. Where has he been?
And why was driven to return?
Relax. It's all here.

Pfizer Canada
An informational CD-ROM
for patients with allergies.
From how allergies work
and how to rid your home
of triggers, to the latest

Wyeth Canada
Interactive Flash party teaser.
Invitees clicked their way
through the animated pages
of this winter wonderland
storybook to receive their
party invitation.

Modular menu-driven sales
presentation. Fully adaptable
and flexible, allowing for
spontaneous reaction to any