IDENTITY DESIGN is perhaps the most challenging of categories. To both capture and create in one succinct, iconic,
memorable graphic or wordmark the character, the attitude, the strategic position of a brand or corporation. Well...that takes some doing. It's not unique to us to claim that design should appear to have been inevitable, but the more that dictum rings true the more successful we've been. That much we know.

Cayuga Creative and Technical
We put the spotlight, so to speak,
on this event staging company's
positioning that they are always
on target.

A lens or an eye penetrates
the inner workings of that
desirable house on the hill.

Elmwood Meat Market
This logo for a gourmet/organic
butcher harkens back to a simpler
time of fresh air, weathered
barnboard, crickets in the long grass
and healthy eating.

Edge Creative
Slightly cropped by an
invisible edge, and honed
to a sharp, uh, edge.
We are always in search of
the simple and the correct.

Kingmont Tax Consultancy
Rock solid and rooted in tradition, this tax
consultancy comes across as powerful yet
tactfully restrained.