EVENT DESIGN is about as multidisciplinary as things can get. Theme concept and design, staging, videos,
presentations, banners, performances, satellite sessions, live web video feeds, high stepping musical theatre.
What next? Sapphire studded fire-eating lion tamers for crying outloud? Cue the lion tamers in three, two...

Wyeth Canada
Over 200 sales reps
amass annually for the
week-long, media-
intensive, Wyeth
National Sales Meeting.
With Shiloh Mediagroup
we make it happen.

College of Family
Physicians of Canada

Annual Physicians
of the Year Awards
Ceremony. Theme
design, video
opener, print
program, power-
point, banners,
stage design.

Wyeth Canada
Sales rep faces on
comic book superhero
bodies themed this
event on Marvel
Island, Universal
Studios, Florida.

Gold of Hours
Gold of Hours is a
full length
multimedia work for
orchestra and chorus.
Charlie Ringas
composed it. We
designed it. Two
nights at the
Premiere Dance
Theatre, Toronto.

Wyeth Canada
Mississippi riverboat-themed
boat cruise in Toronto harbour.
The event included a dixieland
quartet and a charity casino. An
animated Flash e-vitation was
also produced.

Bayer Healthcare
Product launch event for
the Dex Glucometer.
Theming, video,
banners, and
presentation staging
in Chicago.