DISPLAY DESIGN is an overarching category that includes everything from large graphic banners to full physical
installations. It's in the cross pollination of the two that things get interesting. Check out the green back wall
of the Luxe booth. Text wraps around an actual pillow on an actual shelf. Linens hang from a nickel rail,
continuing the lines of the photo above. It's a special kind of fun we have over here at Chronic.

Wyeth Canada
A synced 8 screen video installation
with floating picture frames
supported by a lit structural truss.
A graphic banner in support
of an e-learning program
designed to fit a standard pop
up booth.
Luxe Brands
A custom designed trade show booth for this distributor of
fine Egyptian linens. The image above is a digital sketch
for the booth which was built at the New York International
Gift Fair.
Banners designed to serve multiple events
for this australian company specializing in
software for mining applications.